Commercial Waste Management for Commercial Sites in Adelaide

If you are managing a commercial site in Adelaide you need an efficient and reliable waste management service.  Kartaway Adelaide understand waste management and can design a maintenance programme that meets your particular requirements.  Providing complete waste management services for shopping complexes, body corporates, schools  and  foodcourts, Kartaway appreciates that rubbish removal needs will differ, depending on the locality, type and volume of waste.  Their waste management programme delivers efficient, reliable and cost effective solutions with minimum disruption.

For large volumes of waste Kartaway’s CP50 Compactor Unit is ideal.  Minimising the volume of waste and reducing health risks with a sealed unit, the compactor comes with a fully managed service.  Kartaway replaces full bins with empty, clean ones at changeover and clean up around the area.

Kartaway Compactor UnitPickups are timed to suit your particular operation and different options are available for loading the waste to the compactor unit, such as
•    A Side Lifter that transfers waste from 240 litre plastic bins, this hydraulic side lifter automatically lifts and empties each bin
•    The Dock Download, a simple unloading of hand trolleys
•    Hand Loading , rubbish can be put straight into the bin, whether loose or bagged
•    The Chute Feed, this suits locations such as multi-storey buildings that have a number of different rubbish sources.

The Manager Commercial Services, John Ptak oversees all waste management programmes in Adelaide, with a strong history in the waste industry in South Australia he brings a depth of experience to the branch. Con Katsikeros, the Operations/Fleet Controller, directs and schedules the fleet operations to ensure a smooth, timely and efficient delivery and pick-up of skips, bins and units to customers. Con is extremely experienced and knows the waste industry intimately, give them a call on 1300 362 362 to discuss your waste management plan.

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