Waste Removal Made Environmentally Friendly by Kartaway Adelaide in 5 Ways

  1. Kartaway Adelaide ensure rubbish thrown in their skips and bins will be recycled because they recycle most waste. Due to running their own Recycling Depot they are able to  achieve a much higher level of recycling than other waste removal companies.
  2. A Recycling Depot open to the public in Adelaide.  Making sure all types of waste can be easily recycled Kartaway’s Recycling Depot is clean, easily accessible and affordable. Open 7 days for convenience at Virginia Rd, Newtown.
  3. Skips and bins used by Buiilders who become account customers will be sorted for recycling by Kartaway, saving time and money and guaranteeing efficient recycling.
  4. Kartaway’s recycling services meet green star certification
  5. Kartaway have a strong commitment to environmentally sound practices

kartaway_truck_skip lift Leaders in waste disposal, Kartaway supply modern, up to date equipment and have their own recycling stations wherever they operate. Providing an outstanding service, with a sound understanding of environmental needs, they provide a range of bins and skips for hire to homes. They also supply full waste management programmes for commercial sites and businesses, such as builders, restaurants, body corporates, shopping centres and schools. Commercial sites can rely on a clean environment being maintained by Kartaway who clean up at the pick-up point and deliver clean, sanitised bins.

The team at Kartaway Adelaide will give you the best advice and provide outstanding service, based on their years’ of experience in waste removal, recycling and waste management. Australian owned and operated Kartaway offer sound environmental practices in waste removal. Call 1300 362 362 to order your skip, bin or discuss a waste management programme.

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