Recycle at Kartaway’s Recycling Depot Before Christmas

Kartaway Adelaide is launching a TV Ad campaign on community TV, Channel 44.  The ads will run two to three times over each weekend.  The point of the advertising campaign is to encourage people to drop off their rubbish for recycling at the Kartaway Recycling Depot prior to Christmas.  Many people like to have a clean-up before Christmas, either because they have visitors over the festive season or to make more room for new goodies!

The TV Advertisement advises people that they shouldn’t wait for the council kerbside pick-up. Mainly, because it can be a long wait and doesn’t always fit in with their schedule. The beauty of dropping waste at Kartaway’s Recycling Depot is that customers can get rid of virtually everything in one load.  The only thing they won’t take is household putrifiable waste (the stuff you put in the council rubbish bin).

Items you can drop off that will be recycled or re-used are:

Pet Plastic Glass Green Waste Oil Builder’s rubble Concrete Cardboard Paper Car and auto parts Whitegoods Old computers Old TVs Old radios

Most waste that is received at the Depot can be recycled or re-used. The Recycling Depot is at Virginia Rd, Newtown (Look for the signs) and is open all weekend from 8am til 4pm. The Depot is open 7 days a week. Fill up your car boot, your trailer, whatever and bring it the Depot. It’s good for the environment and good for you. It’s affordable and easy, clean and accessible.

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