Recycling Plastics And Everything Else Is Easy At Adelaide Recycling Depot

Kartaway Adelaide are leaders in environmental waste management, excelling in recycling. Collecting waste from households, builders, corporations, shopping complexes, restaurants and educational facilities they recycle most of the waste collected, including plastic.  Once plastic was a major problem, the original plastics developed in the 1950s did not break down for hundreds of years and were a big contributor to landfill.  The development of PETE and HDPE plastics in the 80’s and 90’s was a major break-through in the recycling of plastics, as these types of plastics could be re-used in manufacturing processes.  From that time on consumers, builders and manufacturers could send their plastic items to be recycled.

Although requiring more steps than metal, glass and pape, plastics are now successfully recycled. The dyes, fillers and additives must first be removed, the plastics require intense sorting and then they can be chopped into small pieces.  After cleaning these pieces are melted down to be compressed into plastic pellets, known as nurdles.  It is these nurdles that are used in the manufacturing of new plastic products.

The public were educated in the benefits of recycling plastic and have taken to it with gusto.  In 2010-11 a total of 287,360 tonnes of plastic products were diverted from landfill.  Kartaway have assisted in the recycling program, supplying bins and skips, doing the sorting and ensuring most waste is recycled.  They also run a public Recycling Depot in Campbelltown which will accept nearly all waste materials, apart from putrifiable waste, and recycle it.  Committed to the environment, Kartaway make it easy for the public to recycle their old goods and building materials by being open 7 days and offering a clean, affordable and accessible Depot.


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