Recycle at Kartaway’s Recycling Depot Before Christmas

Kartaway Adelaide is launching a TV Ad campaign on community TV, Channel 44.  The ads will run two to three times over each weekend.  The point of the advertising campaign is to encourage people to drop off their rubbish for recycling at the Kartaway Recycling Depot prior to Christmas.  Many people like to have a clean-up before Christmas, either because they have visitors over the festive season or to make more room for new goodies!

The TV Advertisement advises people that they shouldn’t wait for the council kerbside pick-up. Mainly, because it can be a long wait and doesn’t always fit in with their schedule. The beauty of dropping waste at Kartaway’s Recycling Depot is that customers can get rid of virtually everything in one load.  The only thing they won’t take is household putrifiable waste (the stuff you put in the council rubbish bin).

Items you can drop off that will be recycled or re-used are:

Pet Plastic Glass Green Waste Oil Builder’s rubble Concrete Cardboard Paper Car and auto parts Whitegoods Old computers Old TVs Old radios

Most waste that is received at the Depot can be recycled or re-used. The Recycling Depot is at Virginia Rd, Newtown (Look for the signs) and is open all weekend from 8am til 4pm. The Depot is open 7 days a week. Fill up your car boot, your trailer, whatever and bring it the Depot. It’s good for the environment and good for you. It’s affordable and easy, clean and accessible.

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Be 100% Sure Your Rubbish Is Recycled

A guarantee that your waste is diverted fully to recycling is worth taking note of. The  Manager of Kartaway, Adelaide is making this guarantee and inviting you to visit their Recycling Depot at Newtown to enjoy a sausage sizzle during the weekends, commencing October, as you drop off your waste.

Open to the public, Kartaway offer a full recycling program at the Depot including all –
•    Concrete, bricks, rubble
•    Green waste
•    Plastics
•    Cardboard
•    Glass
•    Metals
•    Timber, old furniture

The Recycling Depot will accept anything except household food waste.  Do the right thing and recycle your waste, whether it’s a car boot full, a trailer or truck load. The friendly Kartaway staff at the Depot are there to help you with questions and directions. The Recycling Depot at Virginia Rd, Newtown, Campbellfield is open seven days a week for immediate drop offs. It is worth considering your best recycling option for the health of the environment, and Kartaway Adelaide will ensure minimal waste goes to landfill, if uncontaminated, and that the majority is diverted upstream for further recycling.

The team at Adelaide is also offering the very best waste management service to landscapers, shop fitters, renovators and builders. Kartaway offer bins and skips for hire from 2 – 4m3 , taking care of all rubbish and builder’s rubble. For larger jobs and demolitions they can supply bins up to 31m2.  Check with Manager John Ptak to ensure you are getting the deal you deserve; John is very experienced in waste management and can offer you the best options for your business waste removal needs. To book a bin or skip call 1300 362 362.

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Kartaway Now Has Front Lift Factory Bins in Adelaide

Proudly announcing the introduction of the durable front lift
factory bin to its range of bins, Kartaway advised they are available in three sizes:

  •  1.5m3
  •  3.0m3
  •  4.5m3

Factories that generate only a small amount of waste will find the 1.5m3 bin is ideal.  Larger factories will find the  3.0m3 or 4.5m3 bins are more suitable, with the largest bin best suiting factories with a large amount of  waste being collected. Highly suitable for off cuts, plastics, strapping, timber and food waste the bins add flexibility to factories’ waste collection.
Kaetaway can fit the bins with castors for easy manoeuvrability around the factory and also supply cardboard recycling bins. An added bonus is the plastic lids on all bins are fitted with locks for security so only those authorised to fill the bins can do so. The front loader is ideally suited for tight spaces, making pick ups and drop offs of bins easy.

Account customers get the benefit of convenient 30 day terms as well as a dedicated Account Manager. This, together with Kartaway’ efficient service, reasonable pricing and excellent customer service make Kartaway leaders in waste management services. An Account Manager will ensure your organisation has pick ups and deliveries timed to suit your operations, scheduled to a daily, weekl y or fortnightly cycle to suit you.

Kartaway do not have hidden costs and are leaders in recycling. They are dedicated to diverting as much waste as possible from landfill at their own Recycling Depot located in Virginia Rd, Newtown, Campbelltown. Kartaway recycle paper and cardboard, fluorescent tubes, green waste, metal, liquid waste, pallets and computers among  many other items.

Call Kartaway Adelaide on 1300 362 362 to discuss your organisation’s waste needs with an Account Manager

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Recycling For Schools in Adelaide

Kartaway specialise in solving waste management problems with a diverse range of customers, such as shopping complexes, factories, restaurants and schools.  For example, they have several elite schools in Sydney as customers and they were able to resolve their waste disposal situation by using their nifty CP50 compactor units.  Being great space savers, the compactors compact waste down, so there was less need for so many wheelie bins and pick-ups were required less often.

School children are now well versed in sound environmental practice and expect to recycle paper, cardboard and most plastics and use their apple cores and orange peels to make rich compost for the school garden.  Kartaway can supply the CP50 compactor units for both general waste and recyclables and they can also set up waste management programs within the school to encourage recycling with cardboard recycling in the classrooms and comingled recycling bins in the playgrounds.  They will appoint a dedicated account manager to your school who will schedule pick-ups to suit the rhythm of your school routine to minimise disruption and noise.

Proud leaders in waste management and recycling Kartaway operate a public Recyling Depot in Virginia Road, Newtown, Campbelltown to which all their collected waste is delivered for recycling.  The Depot is able to recycle most waste collected.  Open to the public 7 days a week it is affordable, clean and accessible.

The reliable, friendly team at Kartaway Adelaide are very experienced in waste management and offer your school a customised waste management plan with your own account manager on call. To speak to an account manager about your school call Kartaway on 1300 362 362.

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Novel Ways To Manage Waste

Crowded living and crowded streets may not be a problem in Adelaide, but it certainly is in the city of Sydney.  This week The Sydney Morning Herald reported that wheelie bins in Royston Street, Darlinghurst in Sydney were cluttering the traffic island in the middle of the cul-de-sac and that the City of Sydney had found a novel solution to managing waste in the area. The older style apartment buildings in the street have no space in the front for storing wheelie bins, so residents have been keeping their rubbish bins and recycling bins on the traffic island.  Now it’s completely out of control and has become an eyesore with illegal dumping of rubbish which in turn attracts rats and cockroaches.

The City of Sydney have come up with the idea of pin numbers to access chutes at street level so residents can drop their rubbish into large underground bins for general waste and recycling. The 1100 litre bins would be situated under the present traffic island with scissor lifts raising the bins to street level for collection. This novel approach to waste collection has been included in the City of Sydney’s Draft Waste Policy and is estimated to cost $85,000.

Kartaway are no strangers to similar problems experienced by their corporate customers.  One of their customers with a multi-level corporate building in the heart of Melbourne had lost the use of its loading dock because there were so many wheelie bins cluttering the dock.

Kartaway Compactor Unit   Kartaway  came up with a solution, using their CP50 compactor unit that can compact waste, minimising the amount of space required to store the waste prior to collection.  As the units only require a small amount of space, Kartaway identified that it could install two units for both general waste and cardboard recycling.  They were able to position the compactor units in an area that was underutilised, freeing up the loading dock of all the wheelie bins and giving it ample space for the building’s vital deliveries.

Kartaway are very experienced and can solve organisation’s waste management problems with novel and unique customised waste management programs.  Call 1300 362 362 to speak to an Account Manager about your waste needs.

SMH article at:

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Have You Liked Kartaway Adelaide to Win A FREE Skip Bin?

Have you liked Kartaway Adelaide Facebook to win a free 3m skip bin?  Simply click on the like button at the top of the page on the Kartaway Adelaide Facebook page
And you will be in the running to win from the first 400 ‘likes’ on the page.  If you win you will get a free 3m skip bin delivered to your place and picked up again once it’s full.  And the great thing about waste being collected by Kartaway is that most waste will be recycled at their Recycling Depot in Virginia Rd, Newton, Campbelltown.

If you need to get rid of old white goods, bricks, concrete, old car parts, green waste, sheet iron, old bathroom fittings timber or excess soil a skip or bin from Kartaway is the perfect solution.  The 3m skip bin suits home clean-ups and renovations and they’re good for final clean ups on landscaping and building projects.

If you’re doing a bigger clean-up or a  larger renovation job Kartaway Adelaide also have a range of larger bins that would be suitable.  The walk-in bins with rear doors are particularly good for builders’ and landscapers’ jobs.  Choose from the following bin sizes:

  •  4m skip bins
  • 6m walk in bins with doors at the rear
  • 12m walk in bins with doors at the rear
  • 16m walk in bins with doors at the rear

To discuss the best size for your job or clean up and to order call the friendly team in Adelaide on 1300 362 362.

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Like Kartaway Adelaide Facebook for a Free Skip

Kartaway Adelaide are offering a free 3m skip bin!  Yes, all you have to do to be in the running is like the Kartaway Adelaide Facebook page

The winner will be selected from the first 400 ‘likes’ on the page.  The winner gets a free skip to fill up, and they will be assured that most of their waste will be recycled via Kartaway’s  Recycle Depot in Virginia Rd, Newton, Campbelltown.

What is 3m skip bin perfect for?  

  • Builders & Landscapers – at the end of the job it’s perfect for that final clean-up.
  • Homeowners – when you’re spring cleaning and you need to get rid of all those items you can’t put in the recycling bin at home – it’s perfect for bricks, old white goods, concrete, old car parts, excess soil and clay and green waste.
  • Home Renovators – it’s perfect to dispose of all the stuff you’ve pulled out -old tiles, old bricks, sheet iron, old bathroom fittings and timber.

How much waste will fit in a 3m skip bin?
Well, it’s about equivalent of the amount of waste you would put out on the footpath for a council hard waste collection, or a bit more.

The outstanding advantage of a skip bin is that it’s ready when you have waste to dispose of, you don’t have to wait until council has a designated collection day!  Another big plus is that  you can dispose of types of waste the council won’t take, as council will have limitations on certain items, which doesn’t always fit the type of waste you need to get rid of.
Call 1300 362 362 to order a skip or bin to suit your job and remember to like the Kartaway Adelaide Facebook page

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